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1) If you do already have a copy of the small Adobe Acrobat reader program on your system, just
    A) Click on the picture of the form (shown to the right).  It will save the file onto your desktop wherever you desire (if needed you can re-name it so you can find it). 
    B) Double-click on the file to open it, and 
    C) tell it to Print your usual way!


2) If you don't yet have a copy of the small Adobe Acrobat reader program on your system, just  
       A)  Double-click on the yellow "Acrobat Reader" box shown here. You'll automatically receive the free program that everyone uses for many internet downloads. It will prompt you in 2 or 3 simple steps to receive the little program and save a copy of the form on your desktop.
    B)  Once you've saved the file on your desktop, just double-click on the file to see it, and
    C)  Print it out now, if desired.
3)  If you're not sure if you do or not, follow instructions in #2 above to download it.  If you already have it, it will normally let you know.

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